Top 10 Apostle Johnson Suleman Sermons , Messages – Free MP3 Audio Download

Apostle Johnson Suleman Sermons

Apostle Johnson Suleman Sermons

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Apostle Johnson Suleman Sermons
Apostle Johnson Suleman Sermons

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List of Top 10 Apostle Johnson Suleman Sermons:

“Why Your Prayers Has Not Been Answered”

This week is your week of testimonies..all your pursuit shall end in will not have a bad shall be this most profound and profitable for you…heaven will smile on you and helpers will look for you in Jesus name.

“What Apostle Suleman Says About iPhone 11”

Only God can correct prayers..because they are directed to him not any mortal..if its wrong,he wont answer it. period..God killed herod when he attempted to kill Jesus christ(matthew 2.20)..if judgemental prayers are wrong, God wont answer them..Gal 5.10,2 thess 1.6,Lk 19.27..

“Secret of Power”

When you have been married for 10yrs no child..graduated for 12yrs no job..cant keep a relationship..gone through several disappointment despite your decent character.battling a deadly disease you dont know where it came from.always experiencing hatred etc..then you know what it

“See What Apostle Suleman Said About “Yahoo”

I hear people condemn judgemental prayers..condemn prayers against witchcraft..Just pray you dont find yourself in the shoes of those who pray these prayers..if you have been a victim of wickedness then you will understand..

“A Time To Kill”

Lord,we bring our lives and the entire mankind before you..we speak mercy all over the world..we rebuke coronavirus and its attendant consequences..we decree its expiration and extinction..may your healing flow in all the nations affected and infected in Jesus name.(Ex 15.26)

“Exposing Hidden Enemies”

When you thank God for yesterday,you are making today..when you thank him for today,you are creating tomorrow..

“Wining Secrets of Battle”

God bless nigeria..the cold in this london is both racist,terrorist and tribalistic..very crude and experienced.has no respect for jackets..cant wait to go home..

“If There Is A Man To Pray (Prayer Points)”

Baba adeboye never said men shouldnt know how to cook.he said marry a lady who knows to..whats wrong in that?.he has been happily married for over 50yrs. those talking are less than 50..who do we listen to?by the way,we are responsible for what we say,not how you understand it..

“Why Most Churches Loose Members”

Be careful with sweet, high-sounding words from motivational speakers..I wish they could give you multivitamins to attempt some of the suggestions they dare proffer to you..

“Before you say I Do”

In all you do,avoid debt..proverbs 22.7 makes us know that when you borrow you are prophesying perpetual servanthood on your life..if you are neck deep already in debt,may the heavens open up supplies to bring you out of it.but if you arent indebted,please stay so..

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