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David Ibiyeomie Messages

David Ibiyeomie Messages

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David Ibiyeomie Messages
David Ibiyeomie Messages

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List Of David Ibiyeomie Top 10 Messages:

“Nothing Is Impossible”

esus is the great Physician – Jeremiah 8:22,Mark 2:17.

What Makes Jesus the Great Physician:

1. He can heal multitudes at the same time – Matthew 12:15;14:36,Luke 6:19.
2. He heals all manner of sickness and diseases – Matthew 4:23,Matthew 10:1.
3. He cast out evil spirit with His Word – Mark 9:25-27
4. He is the only Physician who speaks to the dead and the dead hear Him – John 11:44.

“Your Mind And Your Future”

By the spoken words of Christ, a four-day old corpse came out of the grave and the stinking man became a centre of attraction. You that people have thought your case is closed, they will gather to celebrate with you in the name of Jesus!

That dead and stinking thing in your life, family and destiny, will be quickened back to life and colour in the name of Jesus! By touching the leper, Jesus was declaring that HE is involved in the leper’s matter. He touched Him when everybody left him. It was the touch of Jesus that made the leprosy to live and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Whatever may look like leprosy in your life, I decree it is ending now in the name of Jesus! God will rewrite your story today in the name of Jesus!

God bless you.

“You Can Change That Situation”

People have a right to have their opinions, but you have a right to ignore them. People have a right to be rude, but you have a right to stay happy.

“Wonders Of Praise”

When you face opposition, ordinary people would be worried, ordinary people would complain, but here’s the key, you’re not ordinary. You have the blessing. God’s face is smiling on you.

“Succeeding With Challenges”

We all want to rise higher, accomplish dreams, overcome obstacles, but as long as we’re only focused on ourselves, we’ll get stuck. God brings people and opportunities across our path so we can be a blessing.

“Causes Of Poverty”

He has mercy for every mistake, restoration for every failure, new beginnings for every loss, a comeback for every setback. What He promised you is still on the way.

“Conquering The Spirit Of Fear”

Life is flying by; don’t go another minute looking at what’s wrong, thinking that you’ve reached your limits. You’re on the launching pad. God is about to do a new thing. You’re about to see His favor in unprecedented ways.

“Plan Your Life”

Start dreaming again, start looking for new opportunities, start declaring God’s favor, start praying bold prayers. There is greatness in you, there are dreams in you, there are new levels, all they need is to be stirred up.

“Holy Ghost Morning”

Don’t judge your future by where you are right now. Don’t let the circumstances convince you that you’ve seen your best days. You wouldn’t be here if God didn’t have something amazing in front of you.

“Power Of Positive Declaration”

It may look like some things have gone out in your life: dreams that didn’t work out, promises you were believing for. But under all those ashes, a flame is still burning. You have to stir it up. Stir up your passion, stir up your dreams, stir up your gifts.

Write Up Credit: Joel Osteen

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