Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Sermons , Messages – Free MP3 Download

Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Sermons , Messages - Free MP3 Download

Dr. Paul Enenche Messages

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Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Sermons , Messages - Free MP3 Download
Dr. Paul Enenche Messages

Dr. Paul Enenche Sermons which can also be called Messages are download in millions every month across the world , listen to any of Dr. Paul Enenche messages today.

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Below is the list of Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Messages:

  • Marital And Relationship Wisdom
  • Revelations Of Heaven And Hell
  • The Power Of Tongues
  • Never Manage To Marry
  • The Essence Of Christianity
  • The Power Of Forgiveness
  • There Is War!
  • The Matter Of Grace
  • The Life Of Vision
  • Escaping The Curses And Walking In Liberty

“Marital And Relationship Wisdom”

The Voice of God will produce results in your life that would make you the envy of your generation. All you need is one Word from God and your years of toiling would end.

“Revelations Of Heaven And Hell”

When a person decides to be a good Christian, maintaining goodness and meekness is not a struggle. When you decide to be a real Christian, you cannot lack opportunities.

“The Power Of Tongues”

God has all it takes to bring to pass all His promises in your life and make you what He wants you to be.

“Never Manage To Marry”

Are you letting what somebody did to you keep you from the next level? Are you trying to pay them back, waiting till you get the advantage, then you’ll show them? You’ll be waiting a long time. God won’t promote us if we’re revengeful, vindictive.

Let God fight your battles; let Him be your vindicator. Be good to those that have betrayed you. Show mercy to those that have lied about you. Be kind to the people that tried to hold you back.

“The Essence Of Christianity”

If you go around with a false sense of responsibility, thinking you have to keep everyone happy, letting people put their demands on you, you’re carrying a debt that you don’t owe. Come out from under that debt. Be kind, go the extra mile, but don’t be a people pleaser.

“The Power Of Forgiveness”

When a door closes, when you have a setback, you have to remind yourself that the resource is not what’s blessing you; it’s the Source. The scripture says that even in the desert, you will prosper; your leaf will not wither. Even in the famine, you will have more than enough. It’s showing us that even though circumstances may change, the Source never changes. Because you’re connected to the Source (God), you will be blessed in the famine; you’ll increase when others are decreasing.

“There Is War!”

Don’t get distracted trying to make peace with someone who doesn’t really want peace. We all have people in life that don’t like seeing us happy, going places, rising higher. It’s not about you; it’s about the favor on your life. It’s about the blessing God put on you. Don’t take it personally. Keep your face set. Be inspired by this message from Joel, “No More Distractions”.

“The Matter Of Grace”

Too often, we’re trying to convince people to be our friends, convince them to spend time with us. If someone doesn’t see the gift that you are, if they don’t recognize your talents and value your friendship, do yourself a favor and move on. No offense, but they’re not a part of your destiny.

“The Life Of Vision”

God told the Israelites, “The enemies you see today, you will see no more.” There are things that you’re dealing with—bad habits, struggles at work, people that are against you—that are not your destiny. Dare to believe what God told the Israelites: the depression you see today, you’re going to see no more; the sickness you see today, you’re going to see no more; the struggle at work, people holding you down, you’re going to see them no more.

“Escaping The Curses And Walking In Liberty”

Sometimes we don’t serve because it seems small, insignificant. But on the way to the big things God has in store, He will test us with small things. Don’t talk yourself out of going the extra mile, serving your family, taking care of those children, getting up early, making sure everything is right. Nobody may be saying thank you, it feels like it’s unnoticed, but God sees your sacrifice. That’s what leads to new levels.

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