Top 10 Songs By Dr. Paul Enenche – Free MP3 Download 2020

Dr. Paul Enenche Songs

Dr. Paul Enenche Songs are always powerful equipped with by Speaking in Tongues and more , enjoy the Free MP3 2020 Top Songs below and Download Free.

Dr. Paul Enenche Songs
Dr. Paul Enenche

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List Of Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Songs:

  • Nara Ekele (Accept My Praise)
  • I Want To Live Where You Are
  • Tongues Of Fire
  • You Are Always There To Help
  • Let Me Want What You Want
  • I Will Praise You
  • With You Lord
  • Restorer Of My Life
  • Elee
  • Wasted On You

“Nara Ekele (Accept My Praise)”

You are in your restoration season. Receive hundredfold of everything the enemy has stolen from you in Jesus’ Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

“I Want To Live Where You Are”

Psalms 23:6 “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life as you dwell in the house of the Lord. Step into this first week of March with goodness, mercy, and favour in Jesus Name.

“Tongues Of Fire”

Divine encounter that will shift you to the next level of your life shall happen to you today in Jesus’ Name. #AirseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

“You Are Always There To Help”

Everything in your system that my Father in Heaven has not planted is flushed out forever in Jesus’ Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

“Let Me Want What You Want”

Every deposit of hell in your body is retrieved and returned back to sender in Jesus’ Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

“I Will Praise You”

Where blood is spilled, your blood shall never be spilled in Jesus’ Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

“With You Lord”

I decree, your preservation is confirmed in Jesus’ Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

“Restorer Of My Life”

The harvest you are looking for will look for you in Jesus’ Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche


Under the next 24 hours, I declare Systems will come under pressure, they shall lose their sleep, peace and rest until your expectations are met in Jesus’ Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

“Wasted On You”

Everything the enemy has planted in your life that my Father in Heaven has not planted is hereby uprooted in Jesus’Name. #AriseAndShine #DrPaulEnenche

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