Top 10 Facts About Jay Israel , Biography , Wikipedia , Profile

Jay Israel

Jay Israel

He was born on October 9th 1982 (37 years) , He is the founder of Spirit Life Church , South Africa , His Biography , Wikipedia and Profile are summarized below.

Note that Jay was formerly addressed as Alph Lukau Junior , some claim the Pastor Alph Lukau is his Spiritual father , but Jay Israel stated not so.

Jay Israel
Jay Israel

Although Jay Israel Served Alph Lukau at AMI in South Africa for many years before opening his own church , below are highlights and facts you need to know about the man of God.

Note that this is not the Official Wikipedia Page of Jay Israel , we we promise to give you the verified facts about him , read below and share with your friends.

Jay Israel Biography

1. He was born in Zimbabwe on October 9th 1982 (37 years) to the Home of Mr and Mrs “ISRAEL” , he claims to come from a high spiritual christian home.

2. He is the 4th Child of his parents and family of 6.

3. He is a Graduate and also a business man , who serves Christ with all his heart.

4. “I was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. On the 34th or 35th day, I died completely. I was declared dead. It was in newspapers, in a place called Bulawayo in Zimbabwe,” he said.

5. His Church is located at No 8 Factory Road, North End , East London, Eastern Cape South Africa.

Jay Israel Wikipedia

Talking about his Wikipedia , we all know that there is no Wikipedia page created for this man of God , but we beilve that the facts above can serve as his Wikipedia page.

Jay Israel Profile

Note that his real name is not “Jay Israel” – He has refused to give his real name because he believes that it is fetish and not worthy to be answered by a man of God.

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