Top 5 Lazarus Muoka Messages , Sermons – Free MP3 Audio Download

Top 5 Lazarus Muoka Messages , Sermons - Free MP3 Audio Download

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Top 5 Lazarus Muoka Messages , Sermons - Free MP3 Audio Download

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List of Top 5 Lazarus Muoka Messages:

“Deliverance Prayers”

In the difficult times, God has promised that you’re going to overflow with abundance. You’re not going to lack anything you need. There’s going to be plenty of strength, plenty of healing, plenty of peace, plenty of grace.

“That Yoke Must Break”

You don’t need everyone to be for you; you just need the right people to be for you. God has already ordained divine connections that will help you fulfill your purpose.

“Deliverance From Our Enemies”

God is saying, “Throw that net out one more time.” Start believing again, start dreaming again, start taking steps of faith. You don’t know what God is about to do. The reason it hasn’t happened yet is that it’s bigger than you think.

“It Is Time To Cut Them Off”

All the circumstances may say it’s impossible, but God is asking you, “When did I become weak? Is there any limit to My power?” Get in agreement with God. He’s about to shift some things in your favor.

“Righteousness And Holiness”

There is a fight for your future, but God is fighting for you. The enemy may send the storm, opposition that looks too big, but don’t worry; God controls the winds. He overrides every negative force.

Write up credit: Joel Osteen

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