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Tunde Bakare Messages

Tunde Bakare Messages

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Tunde Bakare Messages
Tunde Bakare Messages

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List Of Top 10 Tunde Bakare Messages:

“Unveiling the True Enemies of Nigeria”

Quit beating yourself up over the past. The enemy is called the accuser. He’d love for you to live in regrets, down on yourself, not enjoying the grace of God because you’re so focused on what you did wrong, the mistakes you’ve made, trying to hide the scars.

Those scars weren’t meant to be hidden. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are forgiven; you are redeemed. The scar is a testimony of the mercy of God.

“The Termites of Destiny”

There’s a price to pay to become all you were created to be. If it were easy, everybody would do it. It takes people that have a made-up mind.

“I’m going to honor God. I’m not going to compromise and take shortcuts that aren’t ethical. I’m not going to push people down to get an advantage.

I’m not going be dishonest to get ahead. I’m not going to be sloppy in my financial dealings. I’m going to be a person of integrity, trustworthy, honorable.” That’s the kind of people God rewards.

“Man may Forget but God Doesn’t”

The fact is, somebody would love to have your job; they would gladly trade places with you. It may not be perfect, but keep the right perspective.

God has blessed you with a job. Don’t let it sour your life. If you’ll pass the test of being happy where you are, then God can open up another job.

But if you don’t get happy here, you probably won’t get to where you want to be.

“Prepare Now”

You have to be at peace with people not being at peace with you.

You don’t need their approval to reach your destiny.

You don’t have to have them be for you to become who you were created to be.

If you get distracted trying to win them over, spending your valuable time trying to convince them to be for you, then you’re not going to reach the fullness of your destiny.

Don’t let them get you riled up.

“The Man After Gods Heart”

You can’t control what people do, what they say, but you can control how you respond.

My message is very simple: quit giving away your joy.

Quit letting the same people upset you. Quit letting the traffic, delays, the things that don’t work out frustrate you.

Life is too short to live frustrated, upset over things that, many times, we have no control over. People have a right to have their opinions, but you have a right to ignore them.

“Identify Your Opportunities and Seize Them”

Life is full of inconveniences, delays, people that do wrong. You’re never going to stop these things from happening; the key is how you handle them.

The scripture says, “No man can take your joy.” That means you control your joy. Nothing can take it from you; you have to give it away.

“When The Table Turns”

Keep your joy. Life is going to throw you curves. There will be disappointments, things that aren’t fair.

That’s when you have to put your foot down and say, “Yet will I rejoice in the Lord.” We should make this decision every morning, “I will be joyful today.”

Decide ahead of time that you’re going to enjoy the day.

When people dump things on you, keep your lid on.

Don’t let that get in you. When you’re tempted to get upset, frustrated, remind yourself that you have the power to remain calm.

Keep it in perspective; this day is a gift.

Honor God by living it grateful, happy, and to the fullest.

“How to Grow in Grace and Faith”

Are you letting what somebody did to you keep you from the next level? Are you trying to pay them back, waiting till you get the advantage, then you’ll show them? You’ll be waiting a long time.

God won’t promote us if we’re revengeful, vindictive. Let God fight your battles; let Him be your vindicator. Be good to those that have betrayed you.

Show mercy to those that have lied about you. Be kind to the people that tried to hold you back.

“All Men and All Things are Not Equal – Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen”

When you get cutback, when you go through loss, things that don’t make sense, remind yourself that God has the pruning shears. He knows exactly when and where to cut.

He’s not going to prune you to where you end up with less: less joy, less strength, less influence. That may temporarily happen, but if you’ll keep abiding, then that cutback is making room for more fruit.

God wouldn’t have allowed it if He wasn’t going to bring you out better, stronger, wiser, with new growth.

“Seven Biblical Pillars of Wealth Creation”

If you go around with a false sense of responsibility, thinking you have to keep everyone happy, letting people put their demands on you, you’re carrying a debt that you don’t owe.

Come out from under that debt. Be kind, go the extra mile, but don’t be a people pleaser.

Write Up Credit: Joel Osteen

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