Top 10 William Kumuyi Messages , Sermons – Free MP3 Audio Download

Top 10 William Kumuyi Messages , Sermons - Free MP3 Audio Download

William Kumuyi Messages

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Top 10 William Kumuyi Messages , Sermons - Free MP3 Audio Download
William Kumuyi Messages

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List of Top 10 William Kumuyi Messages:

“Victory Over Witchcraft”

When the odds are against you and you don’t see how it could work out, don’t get discouraged. Remind yourself tomorrow will be better than today. That’s not just being positive; that’s what the scripture says. “The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter.”

“Holiness God’s Condition For Dwelling With Him”

Just because you don’t see anything happening on the outside that doesn’t mean something is not happening on the inside. You have to walk by faith and not by sight.

“The Power Of God”

You have to recognize God is doing a new thing. You’re growing; you’re coming up higher. That discomfort is a sign you’re going to a new level.

“The God That Cannot Fail”

We won’t see new levels without going through seasons of losing things. Don’t get discouraged; that cutback season is all a part of the process. It’s preparing you for new growth.

“Come Up Hither”

When you know you’re supposed to take a step of faith, don’t stay where it’s comfortable. You can’t play it safe all your life and be who you were created to be. You have to say goodbye to some things to keep moving forward.

“Move Your Mountain And Make Progress”

When it’s your time, no person can stop you, no bad break, no injustice. Just as God hid you, He will bring you out into the open. He will shine His favor on you and cause you to go where you could not go on your own.

“Watchfulness While Others Sleep”

You have to trust God. He can see things you can’t see. He knows what’s best. It’s all a part of His plan to get you prepared, developed, stronger. God knows what you’re going to need.

“Christian Dressing That Pleases And Glorifies God”

The truth is it’s a season of silence, not a lifetime of silence. What God has spoken over you has an appointed time to come to pass. Don’t get discouraged. The silence is temporary.

“Destroying The Works And The Weapon Of The Devil”

Do the right thing when it’s hard. Keep a good attitude when people are not treating you right. Go the extra mile when nobody is watching. You may not see anything happening on the outside but, on the inside, God is preparing you to go to new levels.

“Divine Touch”

God has not forgotten about you. He knows how long it’s been. He knows what’s in you: the gifts, the talents, the dreams. He put them there. Instead of fighting the silence, embrace it.

Write Up Credit: Joel Osteen

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